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Episode 13: Let's Talk About Indie Comics!

In Episode 13, Alex and Drew talk about a handful of different Independent Comic Books that we've read over the last few weeks!

We tried to be as spoiler-free as possible, but some details were necessary to get the idea of the books across in hopes that you would look into them yourself!

Titles Covered:
The Wicked + The Divine
Space Bandits
Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia
The Infinite Loop
The Spire
Rat Queens

We plan to do some deep dives into some of these titles, as well as many other Indie books in the future, but in this episode we just wanted to share the titles of some books we think you might want to check out!

And as always, if there is a comic series or topic you would like to hear us cover on the podcast, reach out to us on Twitter @2mancomicbook, or Instagram @2mancomicbookclub.


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